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Offworlders: Notas

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10/12/2019, 23:29
Sólo para el director



  • Strength-1
  • Agility+2
  • Intelligence 0
  • Willpower+1
  • Health 13

Skills: Sneak, Survival


  • Cheap Shot: If you attack an unaware or surprised enemy, you can roll the attack as though you were skilled, rerolling one of the dice if you wish. If successful, do maximum possible damage for your weapon, ignoring armor
  • Smuggle: If you put any object somewhere it could reasonably be hidden, (a handheld object on your person, or a larger object on a ship, etc.) no one will be able to find it.


Snubnosed revolver (light), leather armor (armor 1), butterfly knife (light)

Credits 3

Supplies 3

Appearance: Loves jewelry. Wears a rotating collection of band t-shirts.


  • Doesn´t like alkaris. She spent some time in an alkari prison because of a bar fight due to gambling debts.
  • Partner with Kay, they own the Quiché Lorraine.



  • Strength+2
  • Agility+1
  • Intelligence-1
  • Willpower 0
  • Health 15

Skills: Athletics, Pilot


  • Brute: You deal +2 damage with  melee  weapons.
  • Unstoppable: You have +1 armor at all times.


Brass knuckles (light). No additional armor.

Credits 10

Supplies 3

Appearance: Bulky green alien. Three eyes.


  • Member of the Righteous, a race of alien warriors. 
  • Former mercenary, now turned into a pilot.


  • Strength 0
  • Agility+1
  • Intelligence+2
  • Willpower-1
  • Health 13

Skills: Science, Tech


  • Hijack: You can attempt to remotely take over any electronic machine or computer that you can see. Roll the dice with Intelligence to do it. 
  •  Chemist: You may spend 1 supply to produce a single dose or use of a medicine,  chemical,  poison,  or  biological agent. Give it a name and purpose, and decide with the GM exactly how it works. The GM has final say on its effects and potential side effects or drawbacks.


Laser pistol (light), small chemical grenades (medium), plasteel armor (armor 1).

Credits: 3

Supplies 3

Appearance: Carries large backpack with tech gear. Wears augmented-reality goggles.

Trixie estaba en un planeta-basural donde Kay y Riya se habían acercado en busca de un respuesto para su nave. Allí lo reclutaron. Supongo que a ellos les convenía alguien que lidiara con la tecnología de la nave, y a Trixi le interesaba un futuro de acceso a ciencia más avanzada y en mejor estado que la que encontraba en el basural.

Estoy seguro que el reclutamiento no fue precisamente una "invitación", pero Trixie no puso resistencia alguna.



  • Strength 0
  • Agility +1
  • Intelligence -1
  • Willpower +2
  • Health 13

Skills: Athletics, Manipulation


  • Private Moon: you own a small planetoid. Determine its characteristics randomly. 5 people live there (one, a buttler). Cracked planetoid hit by a comet. Can be used for extreme sports. 
  • Celebrity: unless you are in disguise, people  recognise you wherever you go, for good or for bad.

Gear: Duel laspistol (light). No armour.

Credits: 10

Supplies: 3

Appearance: Mature and arrogant man. Smells nice.


  • Tried to create a massive travel agency based in Duresian system that failed miserably. Ruined and famous because of it.
  • Escaped from the Duresian system with some refugees in the Quiché Lorraine.


  • It has a Massive Cargo Hold.
  • Weaponry: 1D6  damage
  • Hull 15-13
  • Armour 1 
  • Max Drive Fuel 4-3
  • Account: 40 cred.

Notas de juego

The story so far:

The Quiché Lorraine transported a cargo of refugees from Duresian system to H-99, a Darlok outpost in a small moon orbiting a gas giant. The refugees turned to have latent psychic abilities. The payer was an unnamed rich man. The alkari fleet tried to stop the Quiché Lorraine but they managed to scape and got paid 40 cred by the Darlok.

Alkari Cruiser "Scimitar" tried to stop them


  1. War in Duresian system gets worse as the Alkari and the United Space Org. send more and more fleets. Law enforcement increases.
  2. The Darlok train psychics to use them in terrorist attacks. They create more and more conflicts.
  3. The recently colonized planet of Oliron is very rich in fuel resources. Many people wants to go there.
  4. The Elerian Empire hires the Darloks to increase its territory. The war caused by the Darlok facilitates their conquests.
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Sólo para el director

A wealthy scientist named Douglie Hayeson needs someone to capture a rogue exploration robot and bring him its positronic brain. The United Space Org Scouts wants the robot as well. 

  • D9-V5, Rogue Exploration Robot. Health 8. Armour 2. Damage 1d6.
  • Scout Ship "Compass Rose". Hull 7. Armour 1. Damage 1d6 The Compass Rose has an elegant hull with an elevated command deck. It is equipped with autonomous reconnaissance drones and a defensive ion cannon.
  • Scouts. Health 4. Damage 1d6.

The robot started malfunctioning after crossing a radiated nebula and ended by mistake in Rogan System in United Space Org. Using its primary programme, D9-V5 took data from the atmosphere finding evidence of use of forbidden bio-weapons.

  • Why Hayeson wants the robot's brain? SECRET
  • Who else wants that robot? THE SCOUT DIVISION OF UNITED SPACE ORG.
  • What is in its data banks? MISTERY

Riya and Kai broke their legs skiing in Cassius moon and did not participate. Cassius, Trixie and Hank spent a crazy night in Gnol with plenty of drink and drugs. Dr. Hayeson offered them 30 cred for bringing her the explorer robot from Rogan system discreetly.

Rogan system is a barren placed with little of interest. A red dwarf star, a rocky barren planet and a gas giant with 15 moons. The robot got crashed in one of the gas giant's moons. A scout ship from the United Space Org came looking for it but the PCs killed them in order not to leave witnesses.

CONSECUENCE: The Alkari are to be blamed for the missing scouts. Scalation of war.