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A Keg for a Dragon


Datos de la partida

A Keg for a Dragon


Director: MacHurto
Reglamento: Savage Worlds
Sistema: Rol por web
Jugadores: 5
Nivel requerido: Novato: no hace falta ni conocer el juego
Ritmo de juego: Alto: un mensaje diario al menos
Fecha de comienzo: 07/01/2013
Estado: En pausa



"Word has been sent out and adventurers have been called to Highlander's Keep. The Baron needs the strongest, fastest and most cunning Heroes of all lands for a perilious quest of uncertain outcome... However, this bunch of nobodies will have to do. Trouble lurks in the North, and something will have to be done about it. All hopes lie with those brave companions... May the Gods have mercy on our souls."


Innkeeper Quinby, randomly gossiping (as all well respected innkeepers do) while cleaning a mug of beer


A Keg for a Dragon is a short adventure for Savage Worlds in a D&D setting. The northern town of Northpoint, which lies to the North of the Eastern Kingdom of Easteros in the Southern continent of Southeron (to the South)... Honestly, Northpoint? Couldn't someone have spent a couple of minutes thinking of a name?

Anyway, Northpoint is in trouble. People talk of War. People talk of a long due pact not being honored. People... People like to talk too much and do too little, I have to say. That's where our heroes come along. The PCs (no tablets allowed in this game) will have to help save the  Norther... The damn town or die trying. Or just wander around drinking Whiskey. Whatever suits them.

Notas sobre la partida

No extra notes for the players. If someone wants more background info, roll a knowledge check.

Around Northpoint

Our heroes decide to follow their instincts and try to find the missing boy, hoping not to find a hungry dragon on the way... Poor fools.

The Town of Northpoint

Northpoint, the jewel of the North. Long has the town stood clear of the troubles and conflicts of this illgotten era. However, a dark shadow creeps over it nowadays, just as our heroes come into town...

On the road to Northpoint

Where the heroes start their perillious journey to fame, glory and maybe certain (and oximoronic) death


Where the heroes present themselves and learn what God, the Baron and Country expects of them.

No need to write in it as the adventure has not started but if the characters don´t know each other already, it is a good way to start interacting