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Act 2

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20/03/2019, 23:46
Jack Ryan/Chä Rhynh

'Mike was on fours, hiding behind a stone sculpted in the shape of a winged lion. He was reloading his revolver while the weird green energy beans of the no-named guards danced over his head, the cultists found him snooping around after reaching the city and they didn't look happy.

Esteban was forcing his fingers into the cocoon of tendrils formed around Celeste's body. Apparently, it was copying her very own soul and turning it into a sort of key it was execrating into an altar placed in one of Telurium's temples. They knew it because Chä was able to materialize an ether screen attached to Mike's sensorial system after losing the traveler's trail.

Topor was right... A portal to Telurium was open for the first time in decades but these strange cultists working with Celeste's father were guarding it against curious eyes, looming illusions around it. Batista was clever enough to bamboozle them for a while but only Mike was able to cross the portal.

Celeste, Esteban and Chä got caught while trying to reach it, but it was part of the cult plan. They needed Mike out of action (he was a powerful tool because of his traveling skills) and Celeste was a key element in their scheme. The key they were tearing apart from her was the only possible tool capable of opening a second portal, one big enough to let that elder thing in.'

While Topor and the rest were talking in the bar, Chä was silent, trying to figure out which kind of scenario they were going to find, testing new permutations or alternative paths, using different rears in his mechanical head. This one sounded too pulpy and weird. Or maybe someone was waiting for them to take this very path...

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21/03/2019, 20:45
Celeste DeBeaulieu

For something that was part of legends and history, where dimensions flowed and merged, and where wonder, miracles and weapons able to threaten the existence of reality itself were created, the place where Terullium lay dormant was impressively unimpressive. A valley cradled between mountains, with goats pasting in the green grass and sparse bushes. The only indication of something unusual were people and machinery around a hole excavated in the ground, with an elevator being used to access whatever was underground.

And that was where they were now. After all the talking, convincing and planning, getting there was uncomfortable but not difficult. There were not a lot of vehicles that could traverse the paths of that mountain, specially where the “roads” were just sheperd’s paths. Horses or donkeys was the most modern vehicle available. Getting permission to go inside was not difficult either. Celeste had stolen a seal and some documents from her father, so they were pretending to be supervisors sent by the mayor.

Whatever was awaiting for them, they would find it down there.

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24/03/2019, 22:15
Sergeant Batista

Why me? Why in heaven's name it had happened in my shift? I'm so angry that I will shoot to kill the next one who bothers me the slightest. That freaking mentalist has all the numbers, I'm completely fed up of him, of them, of all of them. I just wanted to solve my last case, I just wanted to give them my badge and weapon and stay as far as possible of the big city, grow some vegetables and rest.

But he was there, taking care of that damned woman who talks about dimensions, kingdoms and wars with the lightness of someone who has had a happy and plenary way of living. But he was here because he felt responsible of her,  responsible until he delivered the package to her father. He was playing with his retirement, a retirement well deserved after 20 years of humble service, everything because that wicked woman has said that it was his duty.

Duty?, my duty is to the carps of Lake Tuatlatel....

Batista looked around and went to talk directly with someone who seemed to be in charge of the excavation. Miss DeBeaulieu has told them that he had borrowed some papers from his beloved father but Batista was carrying something better than papers, he was carrying his badge, his experience and the uncountable number of dirty tricks learnt in his long career. He waved his badge while shouting at the man

"I'm Carter from heritage conservation and they are members of the conservation committee to preserve the global heritage. This excavation is on hold from now since I tell something in the other way. If you don't stop the machines right now and you put at our disposal your donkeys, you will be charged for breaking the laws 345.b, 347.c and 351.d that carries a penalty of forced labour for 20 years. I've heard that they are pretty understaffed in the tyrilum mines. Wanna make a try?"

The man was scared like hell and was unable to react. He babbled something before fleeing at full throttle, giving orders and making that all the workers stop their activities. Some of them looked at the group gratefully but some of them did it suspiciously.

Batista asked where the portal was and they pointed to the top of the hill. After 15 minutes riding their donkeys they were in front of a massive door of an unknown material, covered with glyphs, signs and pictograms that Batista hasn't ever seen before. It was a door or something like a door but it was completely shut.

A sly grim appeared in Batista's face while the others were inspecting the door. It was their turn, he has bought some time until they discovered that they weren't who they have told them. He didn't know anything about decoding signs and code, Jack was the chosen one for this kind of jobs.

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25/03/2019, 04:28
Esteban Cromwell

Esteban's sensibility made this a very long trip going uphill to the portal, hiking wasn't a problem for him, his physical condition was good, the issue was getting near a wrinkle that strong.

-I can do it, please, don't leave me behind, blergh...- was what he said when they had to stop for the fourth time to let him throw up to the last drop of the spirits he drank at the bar, -ok, now I fell good- he said with a pale face but aparently better than five minutes ago. 

They continued hiking non-stop until they got in front of a big triangular stone, it looked like a simple wall artificially made in a singular way with peculiar designs on it, some may say it was just a random patern, but it looked more like a writing if carefuly analyzed -This is it, isn't it Mr. Topor? The gate is shut right now, but I can feel energy flowing in and out of it, like when a broken faucet with tons of water preassure let a single drop fall every now and then, it's irregular but constant at the same time...- he sudenly stop talking when he touched the stone and for a few seconds he remained still, then Esteban simply fell down on his knees -... I can't open it, but it can't and it won't be closed from this side, we need to cross it to find the key to close it from this side. Any ideas on how to "actvivate" it- he said as if he was speaking of a device instead of a mechanical door.

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27/03/2019, 22:24
Mike Topor

And there it stood. On the top of the hill, they found the triangular shape of the portal, defying time and space. Its very existence was a symbol of the ever present connection between our world and Terullium. Mike´s palms were sweaty, and he felt a shiver go through his spine. The moment of truth had arrived. The moment he had been preparing for most of his life. He was a Traveler, and the gate to the Great Unknown was about to be opened. Yet he was hesitating. Chä had unveiled certain possible futures which could lead to a catastrophe for everyone involved. And maybe to all mankind...

They were not ready. Not yet. The cultists were waiting on the other side.

-Guys... I... I cannot... we need something..., Mike started to talk but the words did not come out well. Then he turned around and started to run downhill as fast as he could. Before anyone could say anything, the Traveler was gone. He was now small dot in the distance, and he was getting smaller and smaller.

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28/03/2019, 21:39
Jack Ryan/Chä Rhynh

Chä watched the traveller running down the hill like a mad man not knowing if it was a panic attack or if he was in search of something more...

He looked at the portal and sighed, moving two fingers over the structure. He did not open it but made some kind of conjuring, turning the gate into a transparent surface. On the other side an impossible electric blue landscape of big rock canyons and flying manta ray like creatures unfolded in front of all of them.

Using both hands, the golem made a complex gesture which translated into a zoom in into the weird new vision: the was a temple not that far from the portal opening and some figures were moving over and inside it. It lloked like if they were carrying red torches, tracing some kind of strange sigil into the air around the building.

He changed the zoom magnification, making the building bigger and more crisp: the moving creatures were mechanical headless bodies, and the torches were their left arms.

- These are members of the No-named world. They know something is coming from this side and have magically protected their headquarters. I don't know why they are there or if we can make some kind of deal with them. Their society is primarily peaceful but not knowing their plans in Telurium is a big handycap. In my studying of our possible paths they never semed like a menace to our plans but don't know how to negotiate with them.- He stood still for half a minute studying the image before continuing. - I can open the portal easily but Topor's reaction surprised me. Should we go after him? Should we wait here for him? Or should we go forward into Telurium? He is the traveller, our only possible lead into that world...

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31/03/2019, 23:14
Sergeant Batista

Batista looked astonished how the traveller left the portal at full throttle. He was starting to lose his nerve with these people and he was feeling the painful need of emptying all his magazines towards the runaway. It was supposed that he was the key, the one who could open the damned portal and now he was fleeing.

Everything was going wrong, Jack was working unexpectedly, so far from its cold logic, the mayor's Daughter who was so fond of his father in public was asking to stop the mayor's plan, the traveller didn't want to travel and the seer wasn't seeing anything and he was risking his retirement just for a beautiful face, just for a lady in distress, after such a long career he was getting soft and being soft is the worse thing that can happen to a police officer.

He looked at the portal and drew his weapon and a bolt of magical energy melt his gun, a gun which has been his best mate as long as he has been serving. It wasn't the last of the surprises because his hands began to glow in an orangish pulse of energy showing weird glyphs in his hands while the portal mimicked the pulse. He waved his hands trying to get rid of the pulse but it was growing in intensity while he was looking at the portal with disbelief.

He felt as a child, he hated magic, all kinds of magic and now he was under its effects, he was scared and embarrassed for being terrified. The pulse was growing and he shouted with a trembling voice.

"Jack, what the hell is something, I don't want to die when I'm about to retire..."

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01/04/2019, 22:07
Mike Topor

Something terrible had caused Mike to flee. An unspoken horror that he could not put into words. Images of fallen camrades, and all kinds of disasterous outcomes for the expedition ran through his mind as he kept running. He could not understand what invisible power was driving him away from the portal.

Then suddenly he stopped running. Mike Topor, the Traveler, stood his ground, and turned around. The creepy images remained ever present inside his head. He was afraid, more so than he had ever been in his life. Yet he ran no more. A step at a time, he walked back to the place which marked the edge between two worlds.

Amidst all the confusion and terror, a single truth remained unshaken. An unknown force, a superior inteligence or power, had forced him to run away. This being or deity or whatever did not want him to be there. And that was really all that mattered. That simple truth made it all clear for Mike Topor.

-I´m back, he said to the rest. -I will go in, but I am certain something very bad will happen to us  then. We are not prepared.

Then Batista suffered an attack, or something that looked like one. -Don't fight, Sergeant. Just let it do whatever it is doing. On the other side, none of this will really matter.

The Traveler tried to sound convincing, but in fact he was clueless as to what was going to happen next.

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02/04/2019, 13:23
Esteban Cromwell

-Don't worry, he'll come back, if not, he'll catch us up later anyway- was what Esteban could say about Topor, then he returned just as if nothing happened, the portal wasn't scary, the energy flowing through it was intimidating and apparently Esteban was the only one feeling it and Topor was the only one seeing it, or was it the other way around? 

-Just at the moment of our arrival at the gate we bonded our destiny, no matter where we go or the path we take, now we're meant to gather at the moment of resolution, rather than it is good or bad. So, don't worry about it Mike, I'm gonna be with you, well, we all are going to matter what... Sound creepy though- Esteban was trying to comfort his destiny fella but things were going to be a mess, no one knows what will happen to the group or the world after this. 

Then something "magical" was attacking the grumpy cop engulfing him -Don't move, don't move, shhh- he said while getting close to Batista examining the shinning coat as if he's seen it before and then Esteban starter to talk to it like when you talk to a little kid -Hello there little friend, you like it  don't you? It's called a gun and it's not gonna harm your new friend, I don't fact he's using it to protect himself- then the now known creature was moving around Batista like a little excited lizard engulfing him as a magical coat -You lucky bastard, I've seen them before in many of my Astral trips, they are ethereal beings in search of someone to bond, you now are sharing your life with him in exchange of letting him see with your eyes. The energy of the portal dragged him to this energy rift and the amount of energy that your pistol is capable of generate dragged him to you, I don't know what he... Or she... I don't know what to call him but calling him an it would be rude..  Well, I don't know what good or bad he'll do to you but if you die he die. You gave him a life to live instead of having an eternal meaningless existence-

Esteban was envious, he wanted to know them more but he was also satisfied to presence the bonding process. Batista had a new friend inside of him, better not say any joke about it while he keeps his gun armed and loaded. 

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04/04/2019, 00:05
Celeste DeBeaulieu

-Well, I hope we are all ready now, because it seems we don't have more time. -It seems that the fake documents were not so convincing, and they had discovered their ruse. Several figures were ascending the hill, and it didn’t seem that it was to inviting them to tea and scones. They seemed to have to have weapons.

-So, what are these glyphs and can you…Auch!-Celeste was examining the glyphs, and when she neared her hand to them they started to shine in a green energy and something like an electric bolt jumped between her hand and the portal. And then, the portal was open to another world.

-But I didn’t do anything.-Said Celeste, incredulous and looking at Jack. She didn’t believe his visions, when he had talked about them, but now she was starting to doubt. -Anyway, let’s go.

Notas de juego

Narrative element: 12-Lies and Consequences

Outcome: Negative

Cargando editor
04/04/2019, 17:30
Jack Ryan/Chä Rhynh

Once the strange group stepped into the threshold between their world and Telurium, their bodies started to disintegrate in small filaments of red hot matter, pushed straight into the blue landscape they watched trough Chä's ethereal lens. They were far away from the temple, they were lucky enough to have watched part of the dangers they were facing in their destination, but maybe other paths were possible, but in which direction?

Weird flying creatures, similar to sea animals from the deep, were flying in banks over their heads, like shimmering clouds of diverse phosphorescent life forms. Some of them looked like the glimmer that ate Batista's gun. These were so curious they even came to the encounter of the earthlings. After smelling them they started to tremble and puke something in the way of the group.

These were guns. They were making copies of Batista's weapon! Chä took one of these and opened its cylinder: four detachable and apparently normal bullets fell to the ground. He took another one and opened it; four bullets again.

- Batista's new friend gave their friends information about his last food and they are paying us with replicas of it.- Chä took two brand new guns, packed them and took some extra ammo from other of the guns that rained in front of their feet.- If only we knew how to manipulate this form of communication and physical materialization... Such a wonderful and frightening world. Well, What do we do now?- The golem faced his partners. 

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08/04/2019, 21:52
Sergeant Batista

Something wasn't working as usual. He felt odd, weird, like where you are wearing shoes that doesn't fit you at all but the thing which didn't fit wasn't his shoes but his body. He didn't believe all that babbling produced by Esteban but he felt different, as his mind had splitted between Batista and other guy who didn't know.

The strange presence was Batista and Batista was the other guy, at the very same time, as if they were several faces of the same geometrical shape. They guy talked to Batista and said

"I'm Re'lar, you're Re'lar, I have been concealed in your body since you were 3. You have served me well slave, you have accomplished your mission. You're dismissed"

Batista's self-awareness begun to blur while Re'lar grew stronger. It wasn't painful, it was like when you're turning down the volume of and old TV screen and it happened quickly, without an external sign of what was happening. The glyphs in Batista's hands were gone and his aggresive way of speaking as well, he remained silent, smiling, looking at Celeste with a wry smile.

He was happy, all of them will be trapped in a snapshot. All of them were now in his trap.

Cargando editor
09/04/2019, 05:49
Esteban Cromwell

After Celeste opened the gate Esteban was afraid to cross it but couldn't stop his feet going forward into the other side, it was magical, especially when it started raining loaded handguns, Jack didn't hesitate to pick some of them, neithr did Esteban who picked one in each hand -Damn! These things are quite heavy, I'm... Is it like this?- he said while struggling to reload the barrel and trying to load it with some of the extra bullets, -Ok, I think I got it- trying to imitate Jack in the reloading process -I'm keeping only one just in case, they're way too heavy for me- and put the gun carelessly in one of his empty pockets.

Feeling refreshened after throwing up everything in his stomach he was like a kid walking now without fear looking at the marvels of this "new world", he was being cautious enough no to be seen by the misterious people. -There's only one thing we can do now. Find the way to Telurium before Celeste's father, or find  a way to make it trully unreachable- Esteban replied to the mechanical golem known as Jack but then Batista said something -Hey, you ok pal?- he asked without knowing if he was talking to the cop, the creature, o a collective mind limb.

Cargando editor
11/04/2019, 00:02
Celeste DeBeaulieu

Not much was going according to the plan. Something that was to be expected. It was their knowledge, skills and ingenuity against the people guarding the portal and the numerous unknowns surrounding Terullium.  Having an army would be better, but that was not a possibility so they will have to be enough and for now, things were going relatively well. Still, Batista’s smile was creeping her out, and Celeste was starting to wonder if the meeting with that thing had fried the policeman brains. But they didn’t have time to stop.

-The legends say that you don’t travel with your feet here. Your mind will take you were you need. So, maybe we should just think about where we want to go?-She closed her eyes and remembered the little road surrounded by trees to the woods near her house. She played in those woods when she was a child, and she knew the path so well that she could go home even in the dark. While she thought about this, a dirt road started to materialize in front of them. Surrounded by trees. Should we go?-Said Celeste

Cargando editor
15/04/2019, 23:25
Mike Topor

-If there is one thing certain about all this, Mike started, -it is that none of what we know and understand or think we understand means anything once we cross to the other side. Telurium does not abide by the laws of physics. Time and space, even life itself, follows a complete different set of rules here. Nonetheless, I believe Celeste is right. Our mind his a powerful tool here, and we can use it to travel vast distances.

The traveler looked at Batista and smiled. -You are now a symbiotic being with capacities far beyond the limitations of your normal body. Enjoy the ride...

Mike was back to his usual self, and he was really looking forward to this experience. It was something he had been preparing for and waiting his whole life. -Exactly Jack... It really is a wonderful and a frightening world. And I can´t wait to explore it!