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Stone and Anvil


Datos de la partida

Stone and Anvil


Director: saecel
Reglamento: Pendragón
Sistema: Rol por web
Jugadores: 6
Nivel requerido: Novato: no hace falta ni conocer el juego
Ritmo de juego: Medio: un mensaje cada 2-3 días
Fecha de comienzo: 08/05/2011
Estado: Finalizada


London, 509 AD. In the churchyard of St Paul's cathedral stands a marble block into which had been thrust a beautiful sword. The block is four feet square, and the sword passed through a steel anvil which had been struck in the stone and which projected a foot from it. The anvil had been inscribed with letters of gold:

Who so pulleth out this sword of the stone and anvil is rightwise King born of all England


Partida basada en el trasfondo de Pendragon, con reglas adaptadas para jugar con el sistema RyF.

No es necesario conocer ni el trasfondo ni el reglamento, mas se aconseja tener cierta nocion de los mismos, pues la complejidad de la partida residira principalmente en su ejecucion:

Partida en ingles

Notas sobre la partida

This game was discussed previously in the web forum and most openings are already taken. However, there's always place for one more, and VIP's are more than welcome.

The game will take place in Logres 509 AD during the Anarchy period of the Pendragon legend. The specific background for the characters and the plot of the adventure will be detailed in the game.

All scenes but the Off-topic and in-house developed rules, will be in english. However, is not mandatory to exhibit a proficiency in this language. We all are here to learn and, most important, to have fun.

The Spanish Inn (off-topic)

El unico reducto donde los jugadores podeis emplear el idioma castellano para resolver dudas, aclarar cosas, desvirtuar, poner a parir al master o lo que haga falta...

The Landlord Rules (reglas de la partida)

Concepto del juego, reglamento, adaptacion de pendragon al sistema RyF, creacion de personajes, etc.

Rosetta Stone

Off topic dedicated to English language questions, corrections and suggestions.

Chapter I: Sarum

The first stop in our journey...

Chapter I: Exeter

The first stop in our journey...

Prelude: Lord William

And so our story begins...

Prelude: Owain ap Rhys

And so our story begins...

Prelude: Maethild

And so our story begins...

Prelude: Sir Chindasvint

And so our story begins...