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Wilderland Adventures


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Wilderland Adventures


Director: Perenzal
Reglamento: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Sistema: Videoconferencia
Jugadores: 5
Nivel requerido: Novato: no hace falta ni conocer el juego
Ritmo de juego: Alto: un mensaje diario al menos
Fecha de comienzo: 16/03/2020
Estado: En juego


Aventura introductoria de la línea lamentablemente cerrada "Adventures in the Middle Earth".


King Bard summons adventurers to Lake-town to assist in the rebuilding of his kingdom! Our characters are at the very beginning of their adventuring careers: each is provided with a motivation to set out on the road and heed King Bard’s call to arms. Meeting for the first time in Woodmen-town, at the beginning of their quest to Lake-town, our heroes plan out their journey together as new friends.

Notas sobre la partida

Five years have passed since the events of The Hobbit. We find ourselves in Wilderland, or Rhovanion, the region of Middle-earth east of the Misty Mountains and north of Gondor. It includes Lake-town, Erebor (The Lonely Mountain), the newly rebuilt Dale, Rhosgobel, Woodmentown, Thranduil’s Hall, and the dark vastness of Mirkwood itself. Wilderland has a huge amount of territory and places familiar and strange to explore.

The dragon Smaug is dead, slain by Bard the Bowman, now King Bard of Dale. People all across Wilderland are finding new hope for the future. Trade routes are reopening, and the free folk of Wilderland are beginning to get to know one another again.

As players, we know that a time of great strife is just a generation away: a shadow is deepening in Southern Mirkwood. But for now this is a time of great exploration and discovery, a time to sally forth in search of adventure!

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