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Starfinder: hacia lo desconocido


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Starfinder: hacia lo desconocido


Director: Redwolf
Reglamento: Starfinder
Sistema: Rol por web
Jugadores: 5
Nivel requerido: Novato: no hace falta ni conocer el juego
Ritmo de juego: Alto: un mensaje diario al menos
Fecha de comienzo: 24/08/2017
Estado: Finalizada


Se jugara para el dia del PbP Gameday VI, solo jugaran los inscritos al evento previamente. 

Se expulsara sin previo aviso a todo aquel que entre por entrar. 


The Starfinder Society is an organization renowned for its exploratory efforts throughout the known galaxy.
Hundreds of expeditionary teams search uncharted stars to broaden the Society’s knowledge of the wider universe (and the planes of existence beyond). A recent event known as the Scoured Stars incident, however, dealt a tremendous blow to the Starfinder Society. Most of the Society’s assets were lost in the incident, and the organization is only now recovering.
Months before the events of the Scoured Stars, a team of seasoned Starfinders set off into the far reaches of space known as the Vast in their ship, the Unbounded Wayfarer. In the course of their expedition, after exploring several unknown planets, those Starfinders ran into a pirate ship near the desert world of Ulmarid. The pirates, in a fearsome starship dubbed the Lawblight, ambushed the Unbounded Wayfarer and sent the Starfinder vessel crashing to the surface of the nearby planet. As Ulmarid is surrounded by dense fields of asteroids, the pirates did not risk damaging their ship any further to plunder the crashed prize.
Most of the crew of the Unbounded Wayfarer perished in the crash. One injured survivor managed to trigger a distress beacon before succumbing to the poisonous crystalline rains and fearsome beasts of the inhospitable planet. An Eoxian ship of the villainous Corpse Fleet, a freighter called the Endless Threnody, intercepted the distress call. Although the Endless Threnody’s crew didn’t care about helping living survivors, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity for plunder and new undead recruits. The Eoxians— sentient undead originally hailing from the Pact World of Eox— sent a scout ship through the cloud of asteroids around Ulmarid and landed near the Unbounded Wayfarer. The scout quickly determined that the Starfinder vessel was irrevocably wrecked but took a few valuables from it, including the insignias worn by the dead Starfinders, before returning to the Corpse Fleet vessel.
The Endless Threnody was not alone above Ulmarid. The Lawblight crept close to the Corpse Fleet freighter, using asteroids for cover. The Lawblight pounced as soon as the Endless Threnody made to depart. The pirate vessel raked the Corpse Fleet ship, but not before the Endless Threnody could escape into the Drift— an extradimensional plane used for faster-than-light travel. The Endless Threnody escaped, but was stranded in the Drift as its Drift engine shorted out shortly after the battle. The few survivors aboard the Endless Threnody dispatched their most diplomatic crew member—a ghoul named Exegara Long-Tongue—to take the
scout ship to Absalom Station, purchase repair components with the Starfinder treasures, and return to fix the Endless Threnody.
By the start of this quest series, Exegara has already pawned many of the treasures in Absalom Station. Unexpectedly for Exegara, the pawn broker who purchased the Starfinder insignias attempted to re-sell them back to the Society. Recognizing the importance of the insignias, the Society’s leadership assembles a team of Starfinders to follow-up with the pawn broker—starting a journey that leads from the bowels of Absalom Station to the depths of space in a climactic battle against the dreaded pirates of the Lawblight!

Notas sobre la partida

Si no teneis PJ creado se usaran los pregenerados de la pagina de Paizo. 


Volver a casa, si teneis pelotas


Viajamos a Ulmarid. 

Al abordaje

Hora de abordar la nave enemiga. 

A la deriva

Flotando espero, a la vecina del tercero. 

mientras ella baja, yo me.... Ejem. sigamos. 


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Starfinders, Reunion.